Track of the Day: Good Pash “Delete Me” (2020)

Good Pash

The formidable indie-punk Sydney band, Good Pash are back with a new single, “Delete Me”, the first off their upcoming EP. This band knows how to put together a kick-arse guitar-driven song, with catchy hooks and sharp lyrics. Even with a song such as “Delete Me” which broaches a difficult relationship, they manage to leave you with a smile on the dial.

The band says of the song: “This song is for everyone who has ever had to tear themselves away from something they loved – a job, a friend, a relationship, a drug dependency – that just wasn’t working out for them anymore. You fight your mates, your parents, and yourself over it but deep down know that it’s no good and have to find the courage to say “I love you, I’m leaving” and let it go.”

The band formed in 2018, as an experiment in playing an instrument which wasn’t their primary one. They’ve substituted woodwind instruments for electric guitars, guitars for drums and so on. They’ve certainly picked up some mean skills on these ‘secondary’ instruments, the musicianship is totally top-class. Good Pash is one of the most exciting bands on the Sydney scene at the moment.

They’ve opted for animation for their video clip, with some Sydney inner-west icons represented. They made the video themselves. The creativity of Good Pash appears to have no bounds.

“Delete Me” is available on all digital platforms now.

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Header image credit: April Josie

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