Track Of The Day: Gareth.T “best me i can” (2020)

Hong Kong-born R&B artist, Gareth.T has unveiled his debut single “best me i can” with Umami Records. Self-producing the track himself, the soulful tune consists of slow and uplifting beats mixed with modern and old school R&B. The single evokes a profound and powerful message of living your truth and harnessing the best version of yourself.

“I wrote this song after my grandma passed away recently. Even though we weren’t that close and it didn’t emotionally affect me too much, it really got me thinking about how short and fragile life is, and that time doesn’t really stop for anyone. So in the song I kinda reflect on my 20 years of life, and I’ve come to a conclusion, that I’m going to try to be the best me I can, everyday,” says Gareth.T.

“best me i can” by Gareth.T is available now

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