Track of the Day: Fragile Animals “Waiting” (2019)

Brisbane / Sunshine Coast trio Fragile Animals have released their latest single “Waiting”, and we are pumped to have it as our track of the day. It’s a wonderful amalgam of genres. Shoegazing is front and centre, but there’s a splash of indie rock and a smidgin of 80’s Manchester.

The song was written by frontwoman Victoria Jenkins in the early hours of the morning after working the day before then playing a gig.
“So many of the people I worked that day, as well as the friends I caught up with that night, were seriously struggling with their mental health and things going on in their lives. It just felt so messed up. How have we created a society where so many of us are legitimately not coping?! For me this song lyrically carries the weight of all of that, but was also me looking in the mirror genuinely wondering if I was okay.”

The track was produced, engineered and mixed by Dylan Adams (DMA’s, Skeggs, West Thebarton), and mastered by Andrew Edgson.


You can keep up to date with Fragile Animals on their website and Facebook page.

Bruce Baker

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