Track of the Day: Fiction Writer “Hiding From Nothing Now” (2019)

Fiction Writer is the new project for Gideon Bensen (ex The Preatures). They released an EP “In Too Deep” in late 2018, and have drip-fed some new music since with the latest being “Hiding From Nothing Now”. This is a great rock song, with some contagious 90’s vibes, drums and synths. It builds triumphantly into a gloriously sweaty soundscape. “Hiding From Nothing Now” is bound to be a crowd-favourite live.

The track was written after a chat that Gideon had with his grandfather: “He was talking to me about survival and the idea that putting people into a corner can bring out the best. He muttered the words ‘I’m hiding from nothing now’, which resonated with me. Although coming from a point of not having regrets as you near the end of your life and being at peace with yourself. The message is simple, be tenacious, and with enough fight you just might succeed’.”



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