Track of the Day: Felid “On Your Own” (2020)


South African-born, Bristol-based singer, songwriter and producer Felid is back with his third single: “On Your Own”. The single is all about stepping away from toxicity and negativity and moving onwards and forwards by yourself. 

Felid has credited his creative subconscious for the track; and has suggested that the alt-pop track originated as a late night vision. “I dreamt this one up. It felt more like a gift from my imagination than a song that I’d written,” he says. 

“In my dream I was sitting in my apartment, except it was in Greece or somewhere similar with a view overlooking a really sweet looking beach. I was listening to the ‘finished’ track with my vocal engineer when a friend walked in and said “Yes! THIS is Felid!”. I woke up at 4.30am with that chorus chord progression, melody, and the line “I don’t wanna feel that love again” going round in circles in my head, and had to write/produce the song straight away.”

“On Your Own” follows on from the success of previous singles “Take It Off” and “Blame”, and is a further continuation of his ‘fizzy electronica’ sound. It’s perhaps somewhat dancier than his back catalogue, but there’s still a wonderful laid-back feel to it all. It’s quietly compelling, with a great pop sensibility about it too. 

“On Your Own” is out now. You can find, follow and keep up to date with Felid on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Simon Clark

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