Track of the Day: Ducks Unlimited “Gleaming Spires” (2019)

Ahead of the release of their debut EP Get Bleak this Friday Toronto’s Ducks Unlimited have shared their delightfully jangly new single “Gleaming Spires”. 

The single is bright, effervescent, and completely infectious. So much so I’ve found myself putting it straight into high rotation. You’d also be forgiven for thinking they might be an Aussie band in disguise, with the group seemingly tapping into that classic ‘Brisbane Sound’ all the way from Canada. They’re familiar with some Aussie acts though, having opened for Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever and The Goon Sax. 

“Gleaming Spires” and the other tracks from the forthcoming EP, were all self-recorded and produced by the band in guitarist Evan Lewis’ bedroom. And, “Gleaming Spires”, in particular addresses hometowns and the push-pull relationships we often share with them. As frontman Tom Mcgreevy explains: 

“It’s about the emotional energy that gets put into hating a place. I feel like the manic intensity with which I’ve heard friends sometimes shit on the town they live in is often pretty transparently an exercise in the displacement of issues in other parts of their lives.” 

For now the band have only announced a handful of Canadian dates, with the promise of further US dates and UK dates to come. Hopefully, they’ll manage to tack on a few Australian dates soon too. 

“Gleaming Spires” is available now. Get Bleak is out November 29th on Bobo Integral. You can order a copy HERE. Find Ducks Unlimited on Facebook.

Header Image by Madeline Link

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