Track of the Day: Dos Dos feat. Joey Legit “Some” (2019)

After twelve months of honing his craft and using his current base of Brisbane to test the waters on his new experimental sounds, New Zealand-born, self-produced rapper Dos Dos has signalled something of a career rebirthing with the release of his new single, “Some”.

Raw, unfiltered lyrics – an ode to overcoming struggle – sit atop a synth-infused refrain that incorporates a trap drum pattern and a melodic flute. “Some” continues the rapper’s defiant vocal spitting whilst maintaining an accessible rhythm.

Bridging a gap between the establishment of his own sound and paying tribute to the alternative hip-hop echoes of English outfit The Streets, “Some” will hopefully further cement the Australian hip-hop scene as one, to be at once noticed, and respected.

“Some” is available now through all major streaming platforms. You can find out more through Deep LVL. Keep up to date with Dos Dos via his Facebook.

Peter Gray

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