Track of the Day: Dizzy “Sunflower” (2020)

Our favourite Canadian quartet is back! Hailing from Oshawa, Ontario, Dizzy have returned to give us a dose of their pure pop gem with “Sunflower”. It’s as hypnotising and beautiful as much as it is a track designed to make you want to groove. And it’s a welcome addition to the group’s already impressive catalogue.

The track has been produced by the band – which includes three brothers, Charlie, Alex and Mackenzie Spencer and their childhood friend Katie Mushaw – and mixed by Craig Silvey (Arcade Fire, Florence & The Machine), “Sunflower” is the first release from Dizzy since last year’s Heavy / Twist EP.

Speaking about the track, frontwoman Katie Munshaw says, “Sunflower’ is a three and a half minute ‘snap out of it!’ to myself when I’m feeling low, unconfident or not myself.” The beautifully breezy track sees Munshaw drift between self-loathing and tender self-talk, her lyrics alternately telegraphing raw sensitivity and sweetly self-deprecating humour (“I wanna hear the sound / Of what a broken heart does / When I fling it to the ground.”)

Listen to the track (and watch the impressive lyric video) here:

“Sunflower” is out now via Communion Records / Caroline Australia. Listen to it on your favourite streaming platform HERE. Or follow them on Facebook!