Track of the Day: CXLOE “One and Lonely” (2020)

After her recent single “12 Steps” streamed over half a million, the flourishing Australian artist CXLOE returns with her latest single “One and Lonely.” She has been featured on multiple airplays and coverage from the likes of triple j, all pop-leaning commercial radio stations across Australia and across global titles.

Co-written with Trey Campbell, Jessica Porfiri and band member of Kids of 88 and Goodnight Nurse, Sam McCarthy, the track is a debut piece for an upcoming body of work set later this year.

The song embellishes a dreamy dark indie-electro-pop sensation with enchanting vocals by CXLOE. Lyrics evoke a heartfelt and melancholic message that reflect the artist’s personal experiences.

“‘One and Lonely is all about loneliness. I spend a majority of the year away from my partner, and it always weighs on me heavily. This song talks about the endless flights and sleepless nights away from each other and how heavy this feeling is,” CXLOE explains. “I know I can be too much sometimes, and this song touches on these elements of push and pull that I put my partner through. ‘You’ll always be my One and Lonely’ is probably one of my favorite lines off the whole EP. It captures love and sadness in a matter of words.”

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Danica Jones

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