Track of the Day: Brielle Ansems “More Than My Heart” (2020)

If you’re looking for a soulful slice of folk-pop, look no further! Canadian singer-songwriter Brielle Ansems has just dropped her latest single, “More Than My Heart“, and it’s absolutely stunning!

Based on Prince Edward Island, Brielle has immersed herself in the community’s creative scene, crafting an emotive sound that blends pop, folk, and R&B influences. Her latest is a deceptively simple track, showcasing heartfelt lyrics and Ansems’ gorgeous vocals.

Brielle describes “More Than My Heart” as “an apology to a dear friend of mine and an attempt at self-forgiveness.”

She says:

A few years ago, this friend was going through an incredibly difficult ordeal. At the time, I myself had next to no financial or emotional stability. It killed me that I lacked the resources and the mental fortitude to be the kind of person I thought she needed me to be. […] “More Than My Heart” is about accepting the limits of what is in our power to give to another person. Sometimes all we have to offer is our heart, and that is enough.”

Give it a spin below!

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Jodie Sloan

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