Track of the Day: Ben Lukas Boysen “Medela” (2020)

Ben Lukas Boysen

Berlin-based composer and producer Ben Lukas Boysen returns in May with his long-awaited third album Mirage. Ahead of its release the producer has teased the album, through new single “Medela”. 

Mirage follows Gravity (2013) and the acclaimed 2016 full length Spells. The latter was as admired by his peers as by his fans. Indeed, since its release Boysen has found himself in great demand for his scoring abilities. Those collaborations include working with cellist and composer Sebastian Plano on the music for David O’Reilly’s innovative video game, Everything. A collaboration that earned them a nod at the 90th Academy Awards. And, in continuing the almost collegiate nature of the Erased Tapes label, Boysen has worked with label mates Michael Price and Högni Egilsson on the Brainwaves project. 

The forthcoming album isn’t short on musical guests either, with Australian saxophonist and composer Daniel Thorne amongst those appearing on the album. It’s Thorne’s saxophone you can hear on lead single “Medela”. Though, in keeping with the album’s name, Boysen has worked to make the human element less obvious. Here’s what Boysen had to say when describing the album: 

“A lot of the elements and instruments you hear on the album are either not what you think they are, or exactly what you think they are but behave differently or they’re elements you definitely know but they are hidden, processed, or morphed into something else. With Spells and Gravity I was trying to hide the machines. On Mirage, I’m trying to hide the human”

“Medela” is glitchy and atmospheric sonic illusion. At times it’s a little ominous, at others completely beautiful (that string section!). However, it is utterly compelling all the same. It has got me excited to hear the new album, so job done I guess.

“Medela” is available now. Boysen’s new album, Mirage, is released May 1st via Erased Tapes. Pre-order a copy HERE. You can also keep up to date with Ben Lukas Boysen via Facebook, Twitter and via his Official Site.

Header Image: Patricia Haas

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