Track of the Day: Bellevue Days “S.A.D.” (2019)

Croyden (UK)-based pop/alt-rock 4-piece Bellevue Days have just released a new track “S.A.D.” from their upcoming debut album, It Can’t Possibly Go Wrong Ever, which will be released on 22nd November, 2019. The band have released two earlier EP’s – 2016’s Sad Boy and 2017’s Rosehill. 

Lead singer Alan Smith says of the track: “I wrote this song on a cold wet day a few months before we hit the studio. I heard someone use the term S.A.D. on some random podcast or something and it stuck with me. That day, I got home, picked up my sh*tty acoustic guitar and done a bit of a word vomit, and this is how it turned out.”

They describe their sound as ‘Sludge Pop’. Whatever it’s called, it’s fun, it’s accessible and it rocks hard. Here’s hoping they get out to Australia soon and play a run of shows. It’s bound to be a good night.



They have a run of headline shows coming up in the UK in February 2020. Details are on their website.

You can find out more about the band on their website, Facebook, Twitter  and Instagram

Photo credit: Andy Clifton

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