Track of the Day: Amery “Never Growing Older” (2019)

Rwandan born, Belgian artist Amery fell in love with music from a young age, encouraged by his grandmother who gifted him an African drum when he was just five years old. Following a move to Belgium when he was twelve years old, and the discovery of new cultures and communities, Amery’s transformation into an artist quickly became complete. 

To date Amery has released several singles through the label Weird !s Good and producer James Lowland. With those early singles garnering accolades from listeners and critics alike, he has returned with new single, “Never Growing Older”, a powerful pop anthem for self acceptance. It’s a bold and unabashedly fierce call for self love and recognising the power of just being yourself. It’s a brilliant track, with a wonderful falsetto and just good vibes, bringing to mind the likes of Prince and more. 

The track is designed as a conversation with himself, debating his thoughts, fears and the constraints that society often places upon us all. It’s about recognising and embracing your differences. According to Amery, “Never Growing Older” is, “about me taking back control after battling with myself, and my fears, for so long. I wrote it while having a rough time trying to figure out who I am, burying and changing some parts of me. I came to the conclusion that I could never change who I am. All the things I have been through, the struggles and the achievements, make me who I am today. I’m that shy, young man who loves a good falsetto, ‘80s funk, pop culture, and androgynous fashion. I’m sensitive and have a strong female energy. I can’t escape these parts of me: they’ll be with me forever. These are not weaknesses but strengths. These don’t make me weird but beautifully unique. Embracing that gives me the confidence I need, which doesn’t always come naturally to me. I hope I can inspire others to not be afraid to be themselves in return and to undergo their own journey of self-acceptance.”

“Never Growing Older” is available now. You can find Amery on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Simon Clark

Books Editor. An admirer of songs and reader of books. Simon has a PhD in English and Comparative Literature. All errant apostrophes are his own.