Track of the Day: Alexander Biggs “Madeleine” (2019)

Our track of the day is “Madeleine” and comes from Melbourne singer-songwriter Alexander Biggs. It follows on from his previous single “Miserable” which dealt with pondering whether our imperfections were making those closes to us miserable. This latter release reflects further on the self-destructive behaviour that can abound in relationships.  But fear not, the delivery of these wistful musings is delicate and elegant. Fans of Sufjan Stevens will totally dig this track.

The gracefulness of the vocals and arrangements are an interesting juxtaposition to the internal pain being suffered by the character in the song. The beauty of the music is the essential counterpoint to the inner turmoil and despair within the song.

The track was written, recorded and produced by Biggs, and mastered by Matthew Neighbour.

You can find out more about what Alexander is up to on his website and Facebook page

Bruce Baker

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