Track by Track: Sammy Honeysett takes us through her debut EP Queen of Wands

Sammy Honeysett

Sydney-based singer/songwriter Sammy Honeysett has today dropped her debut EP, Queen of Wands. We premiered the final single from the EP, “I C UR LIPS”, and we are delighted to have a track-by-track breakdown from Sammy highlighting the background to each song on the record.

This is well-crafted indie-rock. Honeysett has a voice that can be as gentle as a baby’s lullaby or full-throttle fire and brimstone.  From the cathartic peaks of “I C UR LIPS” to the emotive restraint of “Dads song”, Queen of Wands is a fine debut for the talented Honeysett.

Press <Play> and listen to Queen Of Wands from Sammy Honeysett, and read the background to each of the tracks.


Neil Frances

The whole EP was a reflection of growth period on my life. I was tired of all the negative aspects of myself, which is something that most people don’t know about…yet! It was a passion project that I kept hidden away, I wanted to protect this part of myself until now & after my encounter with finding the Queen of wands tarot card & researching into this, I finally felt ready to express this side more openly with others – I don’t feel afraid to show my shadows now and then. It will enable you to connect with others on a deeper level.

This song is for all my girls who have had a messy breakup or had a breakup with no answers. It’s a shit feeling & hurts deeper than anything sometimes…but girls please know it’s not you. This song is one to listen to when you really ready to move on & bounce back. I remember when I started off the song, I was reading break up messages and helping my girlfriend through it and I just remember her saying ‘I just don’t get how they could be so cold!’ and it started, it hit me. I knew what she was talking about through experience and went home with this angry feeling about the situation and poured it into this song.

With Another:
“His lies are laying in a bed with another”. The main hook of this song sums it up really…It’s a song used to refer to a different person from one already mentioned or known about. It’s the heartbreaking truth of knowing your best friend is being cheated on & you can’t do anything but be there & support.

Play Nice:
This is my favourite songs to play live! Creating this was just as much fun but I really wanted that to come through, which I think we honestly captured. Play nice is about breaking the rules, finding your freedom in your 20’s & dating life and just enjoy it but knowing who you are, knowing what you want, knowing what you deserve and don’t settle for less.

Was my first collab with Isaac Caggs & the start of many great tracks we’ve now written together. A track about late-night phone calls from someone you’ve always had that soft spot for but finally coming to terms with never settling for second best and the realisation of not wanting to be the second option. You have to take that moment and acknowledging what’s unfolding it allows you to move on and continue to see who you want to be and grow into.

Dads song:
It’s a very personal & wholesome love song about my parents. It swaps between both perspective of their love story but at the centre of it all they always choose one another. It’s the sorta love you see in movies no doubt but I’m wearing my heart on my sleeve with this.

Neil Frances

Queen of Wands is out now.

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