Track by Track: Abbey Lane takes us through her debut EP, Afterthoughts

Abbey Lane

Today, Sydney singer/songwriter Abbey Lane has released her debut EP, the fabulous Afterthoughts.  Relationships are the central theme of the record, and the highs and lows of letting ourselves be vulnerable through love are artfully captured by the talented songwriter.

There are many highlights here. One of my favourites is “Stuck in that moment”, which draws you in with its vulnerable and reflective stripped-back beginning, ramping up the instrumentation, with the lyrics still taking a tight grip as the tempo increases. The closer “State of Mind” feels instantly familiar, with its sweet flowing vocals and emotive rollercoaster. It’s super catchy and a great end to a superb EP.

In case  you are unfamiliar with all things Abbey Lane, we can bring you up to speed. Despite this being her first solo EP, she has been a regular on the scene in Sydney in bands for a few years now, and more recently as a solo performer. Abbey has collaborated with writers such as Sycco, Yung Bleu and Tenille Arts, and also appeared on lineups with the likes of Diesel, Hollie Col, Little Quirks, Little Green and most recently showcased at Sydney’s SXSW.

Abbey has graciously provided a track-by-track breakdown for the AU, so let’s crank up the volume and immerse ourselves in this beautiful EP. And the excitement doesn’t end there! Abbey’s tour to support the release of the EP is set to kick off at the 3 Wise Monkeys in Sydney on the 14th of June – this Friday night! With a series of shows lined up for July and August, including the Rockhampton River Festival, there’s plenty to look forward to. I’ve been lucky enough to catch her perform live, and it’s a great night out. There is a warmth and joy to her performance that wins you over from the first song. Let’s show our support for live music!

Abbey Lane – Afterthoughts – Track by Track

Afterthoughts is an amalgam of perspectives on relationships, with all songs circling the theme of things that didn’t get to be said and also reflecting on a relationship in hindsight. There’s a wide range from my songbank in this project, spanning years of songwriting with my earliest track “My Mistake (Again)” written in 2018, and my newest track “Darling” written just a few months before the EP release as a late addition.

Afterthoughts is a combination of many musical influences and situations, although all revolving around the emotions of heartbreak and longing. “My Mistake (Again)”, “Shot In The Dark”, “Constellations”, “Stuck In That Moment” and “State of Mind” were all recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by ARIA award winning producer Dave Petrovic, who really brought extra energy and life to the songs.

My Mistake (Again)

“My Mistake (Again)” is a fun and upbeat track that can be relatable for anyone in a situationship. It’s all about knowing that someone is no good for you, but finding yourself circling back to them. I wrote this song in 2018 when I started playing with a band for my live shows, and wanted a song that I could have a lot of fun to live. It’s stuck in my set list all this time, so I figured it was about time I put it out!

Shot In The Dark

Inspired by a cross of The Strokes and Two Door Cinema Club, “Shot In The Dark” is a lighthearted song that sings about giving a relationship a go even if it feels doomed from the start. This song feels like it wrote itself – I wrote the music first on a Logic session demo, and wrote the melody and lyrics over my car bluetooth while listening to the instrumental during a long solo drive the next day.


“Constellations” is a ‘right person, wrong time’ story, exploring the concept of needing to say goodbye to someone you’re still in love with. This one was heavily inspired by 2010’s soft rock music, such as “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol, “Somewhere Only We Know” by Keane and “Little Wonders” by Rob Thomas. I always love how that period of music captured emotion, heartbreak and hopefulness, so I tried doing the same.


A last minute addition to my EP, “Darling” is a stripped back acoustic track that writes about the fears and joys of falling in love. I recorded this track in my bedroom, keeping the production elements simple as my stripped back song on the album. It was then mixed by Tom Southey, which I feel creates a nice contrast to the rest of the EP with this song that holds a softer tone.

Stuck in that moment

I wrote this one while I was playing with dynamics inspired by The Vanns, trying to write a song that I would have fun playing live. “Stuck In That Moment” is a reflective song about wanting to be back in a point of a relationship where everything felt perfect, whilst trying to get used to letting go of someone who was so involved with your life.

State of Mind

“State of Mind” is my current favourite off the EP, and it explores the idea of having to let go of someone you love and revert to acquaintances when you once had something special together. I wrote it within the span of an hour or two – it was one of those songs where you get into a state of flow and it all comes out really easily.

Afterthoughts EP Tour

Fri, June 14  3 Wise Monkeys, Sydney Tickets
Sat, July 20 – Shark Bar, Manly | Free Entry
Sun, July 28 – Rockhampton River Festival, Rockhampton | Free Entry
Sat, August 17 – Ramblin Rascal Tavern, Sydney | Free Entry
Sun, August 18 – Drifters Wharf (Never Had So Much Fun), Gosford Tickets
Fri, August 23 – The Lass O’Gowrie, Newcastle | Free Entry

Afterthoughts is available now on all streaming platforms.

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