Track by Track: NEAV takes us through her outstanding debut EP ELEGY


Last week Central Coast artist NEAV (aka Niamh Watson) released her debut EP, ELEGY. The EP contains four songs previously released, namely  “Talking To The Devil”, “Built The Same”, “Silence Song” and the current single “Say Goodbye”, as well as two new tracks.

If there is one take-out from this impressive debut, it is NEAV’s stellar vocals. The instrumentation on the tracks allows her voice to take centre stage. It’s laden with emotion, strength and passion.

NEAV has been inspired by local musicians such as G-Flip and Vera Blue. On ELEGY she collaborated with some of Australia’s finest including Mario Späte (Washington, Montaigne), Jess Dess (King Princess, Brockhampton), Rod McCormack (Paul Kelly, Gina Jeffreys), David Turley (Millie Turner) and Tristan Barton (Greta Stanley).

Amongst the artists from whom NEAV has drawn inspiration is the mercurial St Vincent. “One thing that stood out to me that I will always take into account when I am writing my own music is the importance of tension and release as a listener. This rule that she (St Vincent) sticks to really resonates with me because I think that the element of surprise and enjoyment in music is what makes a good piece of music.”

The EP was recorded and mastered at The Nest in Surry Hills with Tristan Barton (Greta Stanley).

To celebrate the release of ELEGY, NEAV has put together a track-by-track breakdown. So do press <Play> and have a read into the insights from a talented musician on the rise.


NEAV – ELEGY – Track by track

Silence Song
A song about fighting for and finding your voice in a world where you’re expected to be silent. This track was the catalyst for the EP.

Tragic Drama
I’ve been led on so many times in so many different ways. I wrote this song because I felt a need to express the empowerment we can feel in moments hindsight, with an undertone of anger towards those who have let us down.

Talking to the Devil
Someone tried to break apart a relationship I was in at a certain time in my life for selfish means. I wrote a song as therapy for this situation.

Built the Same
There are people that act in ways that are so alien to me, being cruel and then acting like the victim. I reflected on this and questioned the humanity of individuals.

To Love
This song is the most vulnerable song I’ve shared with the world. It is a spin on a break up song, being in the form of a Love Letter.

Say Goodbye
I was and still am in a very transitionary period in my life. This song encapsulates the emotional rollercoaster of closing one chapter in your life and moving onto a whole new book.

Justin Stewart Cotta


ELEGY is out now on all streaming platforms. You can keep up to date with NEAV on her Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube

Header image: Nick Langley

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