Tour Diary: Crocodylus take us behind the scenes on their recent East Coast tour with Bleeding Knees Club

  • Christie Yip
  • December 18, 2018
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Rapidly becoming one of Sydney’s most in-demand bands, Crocodylus recently embarked on an Australian tour with fresh, coastal songs drenched in their signature sixties style. You might already be across their recent single “My Baby”.

Already, the band has played with the likes of Hockey Dad, ORB, The Lemon Twigs (USA), The Bennies and more, in addition to festival appearances at Sounds of the Suburbs and Sweaty Palms. They also supported the likes of The Ruminaters, The Pinheads x Drunk Mums, Los Tones and Los Scallywaggs.

Earlier this month they toured with the one and only Bleeding Knees Club and look back at their adventures in this exclusive tour diary:

Location #1: Byron Bay

Fresh faced and ready to go, the boys and i look forward with shining optimism of the adventures ahead

Location #2: Byron Bay

While we were in Byron, our lovely mate Slove from super group “Israeli Chicks” Helped us stay hydrated and cool while Byron Bay was being assaulted by bus loads of Schoolies teenagers just itching to spend their parents money on “the biggest week of their life”

Location #3: Undisclosed Australian Airport

Speaking of staying hydrated on the road, heres Mr Jooz Way himself sorting out his pre flight cravings for the sweet and savoury, Krispy Kreme Koctail i think we called it…

Location #4: Wollongong

Much later down the line, we ended up in Wollongong, tour code dictated that all thrift stores must be plundered of all ironic shirts, Marcus bagged a great one that day

Location #5: Another Undisclosed Australian Airport


Location #6: Brisbane???

The next couple photos are byproducts or “Touring”

Location #7: Brisbane

yep heres another one

Location #8: Canberra

aaaaand another….

Location #9: Gold Coast

Mikey from BKC said he had an itch nothing could scratch, so Jooz got his prawn fingers and went to town on him, worked a treat!

Location #10: Gold Coast

SO for this show we ended up dressing as wrestlers, Steven was Triple H, (obvs)

Location #11: Byron Bay

Here i am, enjoying a free birthday cake that was given to us on the street

Location #12: Gold Coast

Just some Buddies getting ready for the rock show

Location #13: Unknown

Croco’s tours are always sick, thanks to everyone that comes and watches us when we go out, buys a shirt, listens, heckles us, everything! We appreciate you a whoooole lot, mucho love. Heres us with Santa. Happy Holidays everyone xx

Find out when you can next catch Crocodylus live, and keep in touch with them here!