Progressive metal band The Mourning drop new single “He Cries”

Following the release of their experimental EP Theosis in 2018, US-based progressive metal act The Mourning returns with their latest single “He Cries“.  A melancholic offering from their upcoming album Hush, “He Cries” explores religious and spiritual themes and the role emotional proxies play in the human psyche.

Evaluating a curious constant that exists within religion, “He Cries” reflects on the universal human tendency to seek divine intervention in times of suffering. The Mourning is not questioning faith itself, merely advocating that man-made problems should also be solved by us, and not God.

With philosophical lyricism from the pen of Johnny Ray, Eliana Blanchard‘s haunting vocals and a thoroughly impressive performance from guitar player Francesco Pinter, “He Cries” paints a sonic landscape that urges listeners to recognize the power within themselves.

Proving themselves a band to watch, The Mourning are set to release their debut album Hush on June 24, 2024. And while you wait, you can give “He Cries” a listen below!

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