the AU interview at SXSW: Hiatus Kaiyote (Melbourne) talk SXSW Chaos and their next record "Choose Your Weapon"

the AU review’s Larry Heath caught up with Hiatus Kaiyote while at Austin’s SXSW festival. In amidst the chaos, band members Nai Palm, Paul Bender, Perrin Moss and Simon Mavin were able to take time out to chat about what it’s like playing SXSW again. “It’s almost just like there’s a bunch of industry people there to see if you can hack just trying to deal with the horrible bullshit,” Bender said. “But it’s not always bad!” Separating the boys from the men, as the old saying goes.

The band then goes on to talk about their new album Choose Your Weapon, saying “It’s definitely a mixed bag. Heaps of different inspirations recording wise and musically, so we mashed them all in together and create whatever we want.”

“There’s lots of animals on the album! There’s a jam I did with an owl and nothing else, just that. There is a cat…and my friend that’s a bird called Jolly Parker,” said an excited Palm. The band continues, detailing other special guests we can expect on the release and sadly ruling out Kanye West.

Check out part one of the interview below!

Choose Your Weapon is out May 4th.