Teeth & Tongue – Unfamiliar Skirts (2011 Single)

Jess Cornelius has one of those voices that makes you melt like butter and go weak at the knees at the very sound of her sensual, impassioned tones. Cornelius records under the moniker Teeth & Tongue and has recently released her sophomore album Tambourine.

“Unfamiliar Skirts” is the first single from the album and in it Cornelius reels the listener in with her sultry vocals that weave a tale of the dangers of beautiful, unfamiliar women, that is set to a backdrop of soft snare and guitar.

There are certain songs that grab you and make an immediate and lasting impression. “Unfamiliar Skirts” does just that with its shadowy haze of guitar’s and the vocals that float and intoxicate.

Teeth & Tongue make beautiful, brooding music and with a teaser this good the remainder of the album is sure to inspire and delight.

Review Score: 8/10