Renessco’s 5 favourite acts to see in his hometown of Fremantle


Renessco is the solo project for Connor Minervini, who you might know through the folk-rock group The Hunting Birds. He has just dropped his debut track, the achingly beautiful “Glass House”. Renessco hails from Fremantle in Western Australia but is now resident in Melbourne.

“Glass House” was written on the West Coast, and it is framed as an observation that some relationships run their course over time, and there is an emotional weight carried with this. The vocals are emotive and haunting and resonate with a poignancy. The track was finished off with the help of Sam Phay (Kuren, Yorke) back in Melbourne

About the track, Renessco writes:  “I wrote ‘Glass House’ about a long term relationship that was slowly deteriorating before my eyes. Fragility and reflection are two really big themes that kind of dominate the song, it really felt like the “final dance” of the relationship in a way. I had the main verse written in Perth about a few days before I was due to go to the studio and Sam (producer) helped nurse the rest out of me, it was pretty therapeutic.”

“When we sat down to record it, I was really feeling like I wanted the song to sound like a diary entry. For me, I kind of journal my life in songs using voice memos on my phone. So we recorded the acoustic guitar straight from my phone into the session. I feel like there is something really intimate in that. It doesn’t have the sparkly quality of an expensive microphone, but it just has this real honesty about it.”

While happily ensconced in Melbourne, Renessco still has a great affinity with his hometown of Fremantle, and he has shared with the AU, five of his favourite hometown artists.


Renessco’s 5 favourite acts to see in Fremantle

Kaitlin Keegan

One of the most underrated singer/songwriters in the country. Just has the ability to make everything that she puts to record sound so delicate and pinpoint accurate, a melody making machine. Her new single “Separate” totally shows off her songwriting vernacular. I’d also give “Missed Call” a spin if you haven’t.


It’s been hard to avoid them to be honest, which is a total compliment to them and their work ethic. Disco/Soul meets the modern-day, great collaborations and some of the hardest working and technically proficient musicians going around. One to watch, no doubt it’s only the beginning of a really exciting time for them. Give “The View” a spin, a total slapper.

Riley Pearce

I do have a soft spot for the hard-working musicians. Something about them keeps me hungry to work and achieve. Riley has always, in my mind, been one of if not the hardest workers in any room. Has really built himself something special with a songwriting cadence that is truly separate to only himself. “Golden Retriever” is still my favourite of such a vast catalogue.


As a sucker for folk/rock, Camarano’s ability to fit so perfectly in his aesthetic is inspiring. I’ve been a lover of his writing for a long time now. Humble, content and just an overall cool customer. I guess you could draw comparisons to those great American songwriters. I think he just has the germ you need to be born with to write and record music the way he does. Listen to his album “Where Am I Now” from start to end, please.


Meticulous, precious, visual. It’s been such an intriguing and exciting experience to watch what Teischa will do next. Every little move has always been so deliberate and thought over. Pop minimalism backed with a huge mood, no one in WA is doing it as well as her, in my opinion. I hope we are hearing something new soon. Until then, the “momentary” EP will have to be replayed again, but I’m not mad about that.


Justin Stewart Cotta

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