Pinkish Blu’s Top 5 Adelaide Haunts

Indie outfit Pinkish Blu are officially coming in not pink, not blue, but red hot, with a new single and a list of live shows.

Previously supporting the likes of The Rubens and Trophy Eyes, the Adelaide band is quickly becoming one of South Australia’s most promising acts, with their new track “Backward” being all your noughties, melancholic pop dreams come true.

The music video for “Backward” has now dropped, and it’s the most raw and honest the band’s been in their music so far.

Coming out of lockdown, the new track inspired a few movie-moment reflections for the group, which led them to their local Gawler Cinemas for filming.

“When you reflect on things that hold strong emotional value, these moments can play out in your head like scenes from a movie” said band member Ricky Lidell.

“We hit up our local small town cinema and managed to convince them to let us film a music video there for a whole day” he said.

Pinkish Blu are now anticipating an exciting headline show in Adelaide in March, as well as a slew of shows in Queensland, supporting Odette this May.

To celebrate, the band shared their 5 favourite Adelaide haunts, but be warned, it’ll make you want to blow your savings on a trip to SA.


Staazi & Co.
224 Grenfell St, CBD
If we’re playing a gig in the East End of the city there’s a high chance you’ll find us in this establishment before the show. Staazi is essentially the best Vegan Greek food in Adelaide, if not, the whole of Australia. They have a little corner shop that serves up everything from Yiros (or Kebab, depending on where you’re from), AB packs, loaded fries, baklava and it’s all made in a traditional Greek style with zero animal products involved! Pro-tip: Get the combination Yiros and a baklava for dessert.

Palace Nova Cinemas (East End)
Off 250 Rundle St, CBD
First off, they’re popcorn is made with olive oil and they’re bar stocks all your favourite beers, so you’re guaranteed a good time even if you’re going to see Cats. But for real, this cinema is special for many reasons, but mainly because as well as screening the “blockbusters” they also show a whole array of international films, including film festivals dedicated to specific countries! Sometimes they even show the old classic for like half the price too. Pro-tip: Take your date here for a movie and grab a post show drink at The Howling Owl or The Elephant, both located right outside the cinema.

Midnight Spaghetti/Crown & Anchor
196 Grenfell St, CBD
Okay we’re kind of cheating here by putting two places in one but they’re in the same building? So that counts right? Anyway, Midnight does probably the best pasta in Adelaide, well they definitely do the best dining “vibe” in Adelaide, get yourself a candlelit booth and order the Midnight Spaghetti! Oh and that bread they give you as an appetiser?? That stuff is insane. Pro-tip: after dinner go downstairs and watch a gig at the Cranker, that place has been supporting not only us but pretty much every single upcoming band in Adelaide since the beginning of time.

Adelaide Botanic Gardens
North Terrace, CBD
The gardens are gorgeous. Only open during the day, but park yourself under a tree, read a book, listen to music or whatever you like to do to wind down – here is the best place to do it. There’s so much cool nature in the gardens, the Aboriginal Plant-Use Trail within the gardens is a must-see. Plus walking through the huge glasshouse that has all the rainforest plants is relaxing af, especially when the mist is spraying. Pro-tip: if you don’t own a frisbee, buy a frisbee or you can borrow our friend Ben’s, because those lawns are ideal for throwing the frisbee and Ben’s frisbee is really good.

Cherry Darlings Bakehouse
5 Aroha Terrace, Forestville
Affectionately known as “chezzy deez”, this Adelaide vegan staple has been by our side on some of our most excruciating hangovers. We’re talking pies, sausage rolls, croissants, cheesecakes, donuts and anything else your junk food heart desires – but it’s all vegan so it’s fine right? Pro-tip: Grab the “cheeseburger pie” and a “snackers” doughnut OR check out their new lunch spot in the city ‘Vego’s’ for burgers.


Pinkish Blu Tour Dates

Fri 14th May  | Lion Arts Factory Adelaide (Supporting Odette) | Tickets HERE
Fri 21st May | The Triffid Brisbane (Supporting Odette) | Tickets HERE
Sat 22nd May | The Northern Byron Bay (Supporting Odette) | Tickets HERE
Sun 23rd May | HOTA Gold Coast (Supporting Odette) | Tickets HERE

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