Photo Gallery: Stevie Jean – Golden Age Cinema and Bar – Sydney (07.02.19)

Stevie Jean passed through Sydney last night on her way through to Launceston for the Party in the Paddock festival. We were treated to an intimate show at the Golden Age Cinema and Bar in Surry Hills.

Stevie is a treat to see live – effortlessly charming, joyful and with a strong versatile voice. She sings of love, love lost and growing pains. Her song ‘Hell in Every Religion‘ has received airplay and was one of the highlights of he night. It is a powerful and poignant delivery of a tale of a girl in a catholic school coming out and the pains that this entailed.

Another highlight was Estranged, a recent release talking of a relationship breakup. It’s good to see that Stevie seems to have bounced back from that one, as she was in a joyous mood and it was delivered with gusto. A cover of Kaleo’s ‘I Can’t go on Without You’ sat comfortably with the rest of the set which were all originals.

If you see Stevie Jean coming your way soon, make sure you catch her.

Bruce Baker was at the gig and brings you these photos.

Bruce Baker

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