Photo Gallery: In The Round #014 Ft. Elska, Ayla, Steve Smyth & Tamma – The Vanguard, Sydney (12.02.19)

The fourteenth edition of In The Round was held last night at the Vanguard in Newtown, Sydney. It was a great combination of instruments and vocals in the unique and intimate setting which governs these shows.

Elska from the Gold Coast was the curator of this edition. She plays the harps, employing loops and had a great range. Ayla from the Sunshine Coast made up the Queensland continengent for the evening. Tamma from Melbourne sang very personal and moving songs of difficult timesa, and there was nary a dry eye in the house after one particular song.

Steve Smyth rounded out the quartet – it was fabulous to see him performing in Sydney again, after his absence overseas in recent times.

Bruce Baker was there to bring you these photographs.

Bruce Baker

Probably riding my bike, taking photos and/or at a gig. Insta: @bruce_a_baker

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