Photo Gallery: Elana Stone + Butternut Sweetheart – Seymour Nights (21.01.23)

Seymour Nights in association with Sydney Festival has produced an outstanding series of free concerts this January at the Seymour Centre in Chippendale. Last night it was Elana Stone and Butternut Sweetheart who graced the stage.

The weather nearly got the better of proceedings, with a downpour curtailing Butternut Sweetheart’s set.  The advantage of an outdoor gig at a venue such as the Seymour Centre, meant that moving the show to an inside room might just be possible. Fortunately Elana’s set was moved to the ‘Sound Lounge’ downstairs, a room with a quality sound-system, seating and bar that soon opened. Perfect!

It gave the evening an intimate feel, and Elana kept us amused with her stories, and enchanted us with her songs. She sang a number of new songs, as well as favourites such as “Pirate Song”.

Bruce was there to bring you these photos from the night.


Bruce Baker

Probably riding my bike, taking photos and/or at a gig. Insta: @bruce_a_baker