New Music Discoveries 27th October: Obscura Hail, Crusher, Yard Act and more

Obscura Hail

November is just around the corner, and this week we have added another ten tracks to our Discovery playlist on Apple Music and Spotify, including two singles we exclusively premiered earlier in the week. Our track of the week is “Playing Dead”, the title-track from the forthcoming album from Melbourne indie-rock trio, Obscura Hail.

The track features beautiful harmonies, dual vocals, sweet guitars and is beautifully produced. About the track, Obscura Hail’s Sean Conran writes “It sums up the inspiration behind most of these songs on the album. It’s a simulation of trauma to strengthen empathy. Trying to understand what we mean to other people, and to remind ourselves not to take others for granted.”. We can’t wait to hear the rest of the record.

“Head Start” is the new single from Sydney’s Cowboy Malfoy – the moniker of trans non-binary musician Max Russell. You may have already heard their name as their debut track, “How I’d Kill” went unexpectedly viral midway through their music degree at NYU.

New single, “Head Start” is an exploration of the challenges that accompanied that early and unexpected breakthrough. As Cowboy Malfoy explains: “I wrote Head Start on the back of being overwhelmed by social media and the growth in my music career. It describes the anxieties I felt, the confusing emotions associated with change, the transformation of a hobby to a job, and just simply — burnout.”

Despite the seriousness of the subject matter it’s delivered in this breezy, almost playful, indie pop style that’s just a delight – one for fans of Jeff Buckley and Norway’s Sondre Lerche. There’s debut live shows on the horizon too, so keep an eye out!

Melbourne’s Jess Ribeiro is back with “Summer of Love”, a delicate and sun-drenched song that fills the cup with optimism and love. It’s stripped back, vulnerable and beautiful.

“Pantallas y Desiertos” is the new collaborative indie track from Chilean band Mecánico and Argentinian band Rayos Láser. The single is from their forthcoming album Dos Cordilleras, which releases at the end of November. The project focuses on creating a musical bridge between Chile and Argentina. The track is frankly just a whole lot of fun – it’s full of energy and colour and it’s pretty unpredictable, especially that finale. So good!

We don’t tend to share too many ballads on our playlist, but “Sit Feel Heal” – the new single from Melbourne musician Montana Sharp – was too good to pass by. “Sit Feel Heal” is simply put, beautiful. It’s also the kind of song that could hit you right in the feels, with Sharp’s stunning vocal accompanied by only piano and cello. It’s the perfect combination though, and it really helps give the track its emotional weight. Heartbreak is never fun, but sometimes it does help produce some beautiful music.

Finally, we have two exclusive premieres from Annoying Neighbours and FVNERAL.

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Here’s the complete list of new additions this week:

Obscura Hail “Playing Dead”
Crusher “Twice”
Yard Act “Dream Job”
Cowboy Malfoy “Head Start”
Jess Ribeiro “Summer of Love”
Tapir! “My God”
Mecánico “Pantallas y Desiertos (Feat. Rayos Láser)”
Montana Sharp “Sit Feel Heal”
Annoying Neighbours “The Plea” [Exclusive Single Premiere]
FVNERAL “MERCY” [Exclusive Single Premiere]