New Music Discoveries 21st April: Juice Webster, Metteson, Milky Chance and more

Juice Webster

We have added ten new tracks to our Discovery Playlist on Spotify and Apple Music. This week our Track of the Week is “In The Zone” by Naarm’s Juice Webster. The song is her first since her fabulous 2021 EP, More Than Reaction. Her sweet delicate vocals, moody keys and deep basslines conveys the trepidation and disconnection that can be felt from the anxiety induced by the unexpected.

Of the track, Juice Webster writes: “‘In The Zone’ is all about disconnection and anxiety. The confusion that comes when things are going one way, and then the wind changes and suddenly you don’t know where you are anymore.”

If you are having trouble making the rent, then Cash Savage and the Last Drinks new track “$600 Short On The Rent” will likely resonate. Not being able to pay the rent has onward consequences, particularly with mental health, and the track is a potent recognition of the challenges faced. “$600 Short On The Rent” tackles depression head on.  The track is from the imminent Cash Savage album, So This Is Love, to be released on the 18th of April. Cash has a national tour starting on the 6th of May in Fremantle. See the website HERE for more details.

Norwegian pop artist Metteson is back with his new single “Put It To Sleep”. The song, which is about overcoming difficult times and experiences, caps an impressive twelve months for the Nordic star, which has seen him touring with AURORA, playing for royalty, and just wowing audiences in Norway and beyond. “Put It To Sleep” reaffirms Metteson’s star credentials with another emotionally charged vocal and some exceptional songwriting. There’s a full album on the way and we cannot wait! The track comes with a suitably theatrical music video, that was directed by visual artist (and Metteson’s boyfriend) Sondre Røe.

German duo Milky Chance have released “Golden”, another taste from their upcoming album, Living In a Haze, out 9th June. It’s a fabulous nostalgic look at the glory days of youth, a homage to love and self-discovery. The beat on this will have you boppin’ and the vocals are warm and intoxicating.

“Wrong Side” is the new single from Portland dream-pop artist Hayley Lynn. The track, which is inspired by Lynn’s battles with insomnia and depression, is part of a larger body of work that is set for release in Spring 2024. It’s a charming slice of indie pop, which perfectly captures the hazy dreamlike state we can often find ourselves in in the middle of the night. 

Also added to the playlist this week is “Something Happened”, the new single from experimental Swedish singer-songwriter Emanuel Tägil. It’s got this wonderful bold 80’s-esque soundscape (including a nod to Toto’s “Africa”) and a distinctive central vocal performance from Tägil. It’s playful and full of charm, and just a really enjoyable way to spend 4 minutes.

“If Looks Could Kill” is taken from Chew, the recently released debut EP from German alternative rock band Dewy Pines. A little bit grungy, this is a high energy and dynamic rocker that’s full of swagger and with a great vocal too.

Finally, we have two exclusive premieres from Stone Lions and Simon Robert Gibson.

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Here’s the complete list of new additions this week:

Juice Webster “In The Zone”
Metteson “Put It To Sleep”
Cash Savage and The Last Drinks “$600 Short On The Rent”
Hayley Lynn “Wrong Side”
Milky Chance “Golden”
Wide Waters “Book of Stars”
Emanuel Tägil “Something Happened”
Dewy Pines “If Looks Could Kill”
Stone Lions “New Year’s Ghost” [Exclusive Video Premiere]
Simon Robert Gibson “You Look Good in a T-Shirt” [Exclusive Video Premiere]


Header image of Juice Webster by Chayto Nadin