Melbourne’s San Joseph takes us behind the scenes of filming the music video for “Blink Twice”

San Joseph

Last month, alt-pop artist San Joseph released the video for his debut single “Blink Twice”. He has certainly hit the ground running with his first track out into the world, a striking mix of acoustic guitar, a catchy soulful voice and a tune that stays in your head long after it has reached the end. Today, we have an exclusive behind the scenes clip of the creation of the video for this high-energy track.

“Blink Twice” has so many influences in it, yet manages to stamp itself with its own identity. Just when you think you can nail down the overriding influence, it’ll take a subtle turn and evolve into something else. It’s fun, it’s playful and it’s an absolute earworm. From pop-punk to synth-pop with a smidgin of emo for good measure, this will keep you hopping.

The video clip is just as imaginative. It was directed by Rome, who directed Benee’s “Superlonely” and Mallrat’s “Better” videos.

The clip was filmed in Adelaide. Rome says of the video: “When I heard the track, I knew that whatever we made needed to feel fun and bouncy, but I wanted to contrast the fun with darker elements, so I came up with the concept for ‘Blink Twice’. It aims to look like a scene out of an old gambling film, loose characters who are putting it all on the line in the hopes of winning big, with San Joseph attempting to beat them at their own game.”


San Joseph shared with the AU, the following about the clip:

Having travelled to Adelaide for the clip, I felt like the whole week became a surreal escape from regular life. The cast were some of the most charismatic guys I’ve ever met and I immediately developed a bond with both them and the crew. The moment Rome came to me with the idea for the video, I was sold. I loved that it shared parallels with the lyrics “something here don’t feel right”, while also diverging from the literal storyline of the song. So much of my songwriting is about romance so it was exciting to layer a whole new narrative underneath the song – one that felt grungy and dicey.

To me, the video is about exploring your own masked identities. It’s about playing with your own personality in whatever way you want, without taking things too seriously. We all have an inner mobster, right?

So – take a look at what went down in creating the video for “Blink Twice”.


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