Melbourne’s Acchy releases his fiery new single “Never Falling in Love Again”


Melbourne’s Acchy has launched a blistering retort via his latest single, “Never Falling in Love Again”, lamenting a relationship that has turned sour. Lachlan Sallabank (aka Acchy) burst onto the scene in 2019, inspired by artists such as Green Day, Bliss n Esso and Eminem. You can definitely get some Green Day feels in this visceral track.  It’s punchy and for anyone who has fallen hard for the wrong person, this is definitely for them.

Acchy uses his songwriting to tell stories that are authentic and relatable. He focuses on mental health, trauma and addiction. “Never Falling in Love Again” is visceral and angry, but ever so catchy – it’s a sweet and compelling combination.

Not mincing his words, Acchy opens with;
“I’m never falling in love again
You were the last mistake I’ll make”

before driving the message home in the chorus

“I woulda done anything for you
If only I knew that you were wastin my time
I don’t miss you”

About the track, Acchy writes “‘Never Falling in Love Again’ was my way of breaking free from the negativity surrounding a past breakup. I want people to fly down the highway screaming the words and forget about that toxic ex you wish you never met.”

The accompanying video clip complements the mood of the song adroitly. It was filmed and directed by Scorpion, showcasing the raw and towering Melbourne industrial landscape, bringing in the energy of this high voltage performer.

You can keep up to date with Acchy on his website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube

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