Live Review: World’s End Press + Movement – GoodGod Small Club, Sydney (14.11.13)

Electronic music isn’t what it used to be – where there once were clear lines between house, dance and rock, Australian music has openly taken on all technology so that there is a fusion of the best parts of each genre. Melbourne’s World’s End Press and Sydney trio Movement take on big sound for a live setup and no, they’re not just standing in front of a laptop.

Movement had the support slot; they don’t chat much but keep to a very slick, continuous set. As the World’s End Press frontman John Parkinson said, singer Lewis Wade is very humble about his vocal talents, which are very real in a live context. Even looking at his facial expressions, the approach is soulful and honest. Besides the memorable vocals, Movement have solid production work, especially apparent with some of their deeper house beats and serious stage presence. But then when the group played “Illusions”, Lewis broke the intensity, ‘I like people to dance to this one’. The group finished with their latest single “Us” – an R&B-infused groove which was very well received by the very smoky, very hot room ‘full of sexy people’.

As soon as World’s End Press took to the stage, everyone watching was up and dancing to the instrumental jam that they kicked off their set with. Having seen W.E.P. before, it tends to be the case that they joyfully surprise the crowd with an upbeat set of retro 80s feel (synth pads) combined with live rock instruments. I heard people in the crowd commenting: ‘full of soul’ and ‘great original music’. Unfortunately, part of their equipment broke down (after a really strong performance of “To Send Our Love” – their most recognised single) and keyboardist Rhys had to compromise on some of his live part. Nevertheless, the band was really good about it, keeping us updated and apologising while there were a few false starts. ‘We’re going to kept his good vibe going!’, Parkinson said, before kick starting back into their danceable set.

Despite the technical issues, it was a great night to showcase the original, creative Australian talent we’ve been exposed to this year and especially from two groups who don’t compromise on the live show.

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