Live Review: Methyl Ethel + Broncho + Ada Lea, Forum Theatre, Melbourne (20.06.19)

Methyl Ethel put on a couple of shows to remember over Thursday and Friday night, gracing Melbourne with the celebration of the band’s newest album Triage at Melbourne’s Forum Theatre. Along with them came Ada Lea and Broncho to help warm up the Forum’s crowd for a dreamy Methyl Ethel set.

Ada Lea and Broncho were the perfect warm ups for Methyl Ethel, known for their charismatic and whimsical drive. This was a theme that was emulated by the two openers, as they both had an exceptional focus on flighty vocals and flowing instrumentals. Broncho brought a crowd for his performance, with driven fans moving toward the front of the floor to experience the expressive nature of their sound.


Eclectic is probably one of the most accurate ways to describe the sound and style of Methyl Ethel with the band not disappointing on this theme throughout their shows. Opening with waving sound and dim lighting, Methyl Ethel emerged from side of stage as only they could do swell immediately into their set. It was an immediate throwback as the opening chords of “H1 N1 A” off of Methyl Ethel’s first release Teeth broke around the theatre and raising the energy before lead singer and dream pop icon Jake Webb barrelled through tracks “Trip The Mains”, “Twilight Driving” “Hip Horror” and “What About The 37°”.

The lighting was something that also impressed through Methyl Ethel’s set, melding with the band’s style and setting the scene of the performance apart from many other performance’s that took place on the Forum stage.

Jake Webb

The final salute to the crowd came in the form of their famous tracks “Ubu” and “Drink Wine”. While it was a celebration of Triage, the band’s sophomore album Everything Is Forgotten has always been a popular choice with fans. “Ubu” was a spectacle, as the crowd reverberated with the songs favourite hook “Why’d you have to go and cut your hair?”. The song would have left the hardest of Methyl Ethel fans dancing in the aisles of the Forum Melbourne and while both tracks made the crowd crave more, it was an excellent exit for the band.