Gracie Abrams delivers a captivating performance for her first ever Melbourne show – Forum Melbourne (21.01.24)

Gracie Abrams

Rising star Gracie Abrams showcased her undeniable talent in a captivating performance at Melbourne’s Forum on the chilly night of January 21st. Having embarked on her musical journey with the release of her first single in 2020, Gracie has quickly ascended to stardom with two successful EPs, an album, and even sharing the stage with the iconic Taylor Swift on The Era’s Tour. This Melbourne show marked one of the last stops on her tour, making it a special night for both the artist and her dedicated fans.

As a devoted follower since the debut of her single “21” in 2020, attending this concert had been a long-awaited moment for me. The atmosphere was electric as the Forum was packed to capacity with fans donning white bows in homage to the singer.

The opening act, Tiny Habits, set an energetic tone, paving the way for the headlining act. The folk pop three-piece, formed in 2022, got their start on TikTok and have been making waves ever since. They delivered a beautiful performance, and if you also can’t get enough of them, they’re playing a headline show in Melbourne on Jan 23rd (get your tickets HERE).

Gracie’s entrance was met with an eruption of emotion from the eager crowd. Opening with “Where Do We Go Now,” the audience’s enthusiasm nearly drowned out her vocals, a testament to the strong connection between the artist and her fans. The setlist included early hits like “21,” providing pleasant surprises for longtime supporters.

Fans passed signs, cards and gifts to the front of the venue, where Gracie lovingly collected them while she sang, feeling the gratitude from the audience and feeding it back to them.

However, Gracie’s lengthy talk break, while sincere and heartfelt, introduced a somewhat awkward pause in the otherwise dynamic performance. Her admission of a hoarse voice and recent struggles with losing it added a layer of vulnerability, but her vocal prowess remained impressive despite these challenges.

“As you can hear, I sound like a frog,” she laughs. “But that’s okay because these shows to me are kind of like duets the whole time anyway between me and you.”

The show continued with a mix of fan favourites, including “Full Machine” and an impromptu performance of “Long Sleeves” at a fan’s request. Gracie’s willingness to adapt the setlist on the spot showcased her dedication to making the night special for her audience, even with a hoarse voice and potential setbacks.

“Best” and “Mess It Up” evoked a nice change of pace, with both songs being slightly more upbeat. A standout moment was the fan-favourite “I Miss You, I’m Sorry,” where the crowd’s exuberance sometimes overshadowed the artist. Technical glitches during “Right Now” could have dampened the evening, but Gracie’s quick decision to add “405” as a last-minute closer ensured the show ended on a high note.

Despite occasional vocal struggles, technical errors, and a somewhat subdued stage presence, Gracie Abrams delivered a memorable performance that resonated with her fans. While a bit more energy on stage would have elevated the experience, her genuine interactions and commitment to the audience’s enjoyment left fans satisfied. The show at Melbourne’s Forum was a testament to Gracie’s talent, resilience, and the unwavering support of her dedicated fanbase.


Photo credit: Lauren Tepfer