Live Review: You Me at Six + Set It Off + Between You and Me – The Forum, Melbourne (16.07.23)

  • Sarah Duggan
  • July 19, 2023
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The Forum came alive on Sunday evening, headlined by the phenomenal You Me At Six, with support from the spirited Set It Off and Melbourne’s very own Between You and Me.

Kicking off the evening on the right note, Between You and Me took the stage with their infectiously fun set. Opening with “Dakota,” they captivated the audience from the get-go, delivering a seven-song set that culminated in the powerful anthem “Deadbeat” from their 2021 album, Armageddon. Front man Jake Wilson and bassist James Karagiozis even joined the mosh pit, igniting an electric atmosphere and banishing any remnants of sleepy Sunday evening vibes. They were the perfect choice to rev up the audience and set the tone for the night ahead.

Next up was Florida’s Set It Off, and they didn’t disappoint. Bursting onto the stage with “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing,” their high energy was infectious, and it was evident that they were having a blast performing. The crowd matched their enthusiasm, with tracks like “Projector” and “Why Worry” turning the venue into a joyful and vibrant party.

Front man Cody Carson masterfully engaged the audience, getting everyone singing along and encouraging wild jumps and moshing. The band’s impeccable sound mixing and natural talent elevated their performance, making it a delight to watch. As they closed their set with “Punching Bag,” Set It Off left the crowd craving for more, having left an indelible mark with their super fun and engaging show.

When it was time for You Me At Six to take the stage, the atmosphere reached new heights. The band arrived promptly, and their performance was nothing short of electrifying. They paid homage to their roots, and the crowd responded with thunderous cheers for older hits like “Fresh Start Fever” and “Room to Breathe.”

Front man Josh Franceschi exuded happiness and genuine appreciation for their dedicated fans, delivering exactly what they had come for. The band showcased their newer hits, including the standout track “HeartLESS,” which saw the crowd enthusiastically joining in on the chorus.

As the night reached its climax, You Me At Six concluded their set and the tour with the heartfelt “Beautiful Way,” leaving the audience in awe. They expressed their sincere gratitude to the fans, recognising their unwavering support and the love and energy they brought to the show.

Overall, the concert was nothing short of fantastic. The well-planned set times and the seamless organisation by The Forum staff contributed to an enjoyable experience for everyone. Each of the three bands delivered outstanding performances, creating an atmosphere that was both energetic and fun, leaving the audience with memories to cherish for years to come.


Photos by Dan Hanssen – check out the full gallery HERE!