Interview: Lime Cordiale chat about new music, hitting the road and Lost Paradise festival

Since releasing their first full length album last year, the boys from the Northern Beaches are hitting the ground running. Lime Cordiale have grown a lot since 2012 when it was just brothers Louie and Ollie strumming acoustic guitars. News Flash, they aren’t ready to stop just yet.

With plenty of great stuff on the horizon, we caught up with the boys earlier last month, where they teased some brand new music and chatted about their latest tour that kicks off in Australia today, and how it feels to be playing at festivals such as Lost Paradise.

Fresh off the release of your newest track “Following Fools”, and about to embark on your Dirt Cheap tour across Australia and New Zealand, how does it feel it be heading out and playing music to adoring fans? Is this the dream?

Whenever you release a new song and hit the road, it’s a bit sketchy. You’ve never played it in front of anyone and then suddenly everyone is waiting for it. Maybe it’ll flop? We are yet to have a song completely bomb on stage, but who knows what’s to come. Having people sing along to a song is the biggest buzz. Looking over to one of the other guys on stage with a big smile is just a lovely feeling.

What are the things you look forward to every time you walk on stage?

Playing loud. It’s not that often in life you get to make that much noise.

Congrats again on the release of your new single! Does this mean we may have some more Lime Cordiale stuff on the horizon?

Yeah, we’ve got a bunch of new stuff on the way. We’ve named our upcoming tour after a song that hasn’t even been released yet, but that’s what’s coming next. “Dirt Cheap”. It’s a nice song about us and the people we love. And, then we’ve got a lot of music coming once that drops!

We’re here today to have a bit of a chat about Lost Paradise, how does it feel to be on the bill with some absolutely fantastic artists? Anyone you’re looking forward to catching backstage?

It’ll be great to catch up with Tash Sultana. We’re doing a show with her up on the Sunshine Coast in early January, but we haven’t seen her in a long while. She’s so fucking busy! When else are you going to catch her if not backstage?

Ball Park Music are a bunch of legends and one of Australia’s greatest bands. It’s always a fun time seeing and learning from those guys.

From intimate gigs to festivals, how do those differ, and which do you prefer?

Well we don’t know what we’re going to get at a festival. At one of our own shows, we know how many tickets have been sold and we know people are there to sing along to our songs. At a festival you might get tomatoes thrown at you. We haven’t yet, but I’m waiting for the day. But when people really do get into our music at a festival, that’s a buzz!

Since you first began as a band, how would you say your music has evolved over the years? Any big influences or people you’ve worked with who have made a huge difference in your sound?

We’ve evolved heaps over the years. When we first started, it was just Louis and I on acoustic guitars. As we started playing proper venues, and then bigger venues, our sound adapted to the climate. Our producer, Dave Hammer, has been a big influence. He doesn’t ever tell us we can’t or shouldn’t do something, and that really helps your music grow. He helps us be wacky and create the freaky shit we love to create.

Finally, where would you say your favourite place to play would be and where is the goal? Anywhere you dream of selling out?

You never have a boring time in Melbourne. People just live for music and it’s all good vibes down there. We’ve played at The Forum down in Melbourne but never put on our own show. It’s a pretty amazing place. You feel like you’re in a K-Mart remake of Rome or something. That’d be the dream for me. Not selling out a venue in Rome, but a tacky rendition in Melbourne.

“Following Fools” and “Dirt Cheap” are available now. The boys kick off their “Dirt Cheap” tour tonight in Canberra. For the full list of dates and to grab yourself a ticket, head on over the their website HERE. You can also find the band on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Lime Cordiale will be appearing at Lost Paradise, which runs Dec 28th – Jan 1st in Glenworth Valley, NSW. Tickets are selling fast so jump onto their website to grab yours HERE.