Ziggy Alberts talks inspiration, poetry and his latest collection sun memos

Last month saw Australian musician and writer Ziggy Alberts release sun memos, his second collection of poetry. The collection, was self-published, through his family founded independent imprint Commonfolk Publishing. It follows the release of Alberts’s first collection brainwaves, which was released in 2021.

As you would expect from someone who has made a name from himself with open, personal and reflective songwriting; the poems in sun memos are often introspective in nature, and give the reader a greater insight into the person behind the songs. It’s also a collection of Alberts’s thoughts and observations from both on the road and at home.

To celebrate the release of sun memos we caught up with Alberts to find out more about the inspiration behind his poetry and his approach to writing poems.

What was your favourite moment or place of Inspiration for sun memos and writing poetry on the road?

A beautiful sunny day in Scotland, en-route to Belfast, Ireland.

It’s where I took cover photo on my film camera, and moments like that on the road always remain with me.

sun memos cover

What about your favourite moment or place of inspiration for sun memos or writing poetry whilst at home?

A local coffee shop, staring at the beautiful trees and blue skies.

You’re about to head back out on tour. Do you find that you are you inspired more to write music or poetry while you’re away?

por qué no los dos ? (haha)

I’m inspired to write music and poetry wherever I go, I can’t say one takes more precedent than the other.

I love sitting somewhat anonymously, outside, in a different country, watching the world go by. That’s one of my favourite places and times to reflect and write.

Was your approach to sun memos different to brainwaves? Did your exploration of film with brainwaves throw up different inspiration sources than sun memos?

Brainwaves was collated whilst I was on the Laps Around The Sun World Tour in 2019. I hand bound the first copy myself.

We’ve been so busy with recording new albums it was hard to find the time to publish sun memos. I’ve very happy we did.

I’d say both my poetry and music are film inspired. I have a real passion for film photography that I never have time to share much about.

Film is a way to visually capture the beautiful moments that inspire my writing.

Is it people, places, or moments that inspire you most in your poetry?

All of the above. Life and living is my inspiration, in all its many forms.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I’m excited to say we are now including poetry interludes in my shows on my New Love World Tour.

It’s become a very special part of my live show, to even my surprise, and I think it’s bringing an amazing dimension from words on paper to moments on stage.

sun memos by Ziggy Alberts is available now from Commonfolk Publishing. Grab yourself a copy from Booktopia HERE.

Alberts is touring in North America, Canada and Europe throughout the rest of the year. For more information and specific tour dates visit HERE.

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