Inklines share the albums that got them through 2020 and new single “Blossom”


Sydney’s Inklines are tracing out their path for 2021 with the drop of their new single, “Blossom”.

Following the release of their EP Bookclub, last year, the band have been generating powerful and earnest alt-rock blends and testing the lengths and limits of their sound.

Leading the way on vocals and guitar is Will Tremain. Daniel Mulroney is on bass and Tom Bowden rounds out the trio on drums.

Recording “Blossom” over three days in Goulburn, Inklines were able to let their influences takeover, away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

“We rented a house just outside of Goulburn and bunkered down for three days, recording on the upper floor of the house.
It definitely creates a different vibe when we were all just there with everything set up, remaining entrenched in the creating process over the whole weekend” said the band.

An acoustic secret location event will see the official launch of “Blossom” somewhere in Brookvale on April 2nd.

To celebrate the drop of their new single, Inklines have shared their album recommendations for 2020, a quality list of all the goodies you might’ve missed in the midst of the Covid crisis.

Inklines’ list of albums that may have slipped your radar in 2020:

The Neighbourhood: (Will)

For me, The Neighbourhood released the best album of 2020: Chip Chrome & The Monotones. From start to finish, the album is genre-bending and thought-provoking and doesn’t fall short at any point. “Pretty Boy” was the first song I heard from the album, which drew me in instantly – perhaps it was just a case of timing for me, but it hooked me in a way that I haven’t experienced for years.

I had heard a few songs here and there from the band before, but I don’t believe they’ve ever broken through to any major extent in the country, so they aren’t spoken about much here. While I do enjoy their older songs, this album is definitely a groundbreaking step for The Neighbourhood, and definitely an album I’d be impressed to hear from any artist.
This is an album I would recommend to absolutely anyone. Regardless of what style you listen to, there’ll be something in there for you.

Middle Kids: (All)

Middle Kids are just the best. They’re one of our collective favourites, both as a proudly Australian band and amongst all bands worldwide. They haven’t fallen short once, never a bad tune from the Middle Kids camp. Our album of choice for 2018 was Middle Kids’ debut album Lost Friends, we’ve seen them live more than a few times since and it’s super exciting to see them releasing more tunes. It’s cool to see them taking a slightly different direction – our favourite is “Cellophane (Brain)” so far from the new singles, but we’re foaming at the mouth for a new album.

Kings Of Leon (Tom)

These guys never disappoint. I was relatively late to get into them, having only heard radio singles up until a few years ago. But the upside of that was being able to backtrack through all of their work, giving me a good few albums to cover over the following summer months. And if Kings of Leon aren’t summer tunes, then I don’t know what is.

When they started dropping new singles this year, and subsequently announced a new album, I was beyond keen. “The Bandit” and “Echoing” have been at the top of my playlist since their release, and if they are anything to go by, I assume the entire album will land in the same spot upon its release. Kings of Leon are definitely at the top of my list for “artists I want to see when this pandemic bullshit is over”.

Tame Impala (Dan)

It had been 5 years too long but finally, we have it, another great album by Tame Impala. The Slow Rush had big boots to fill as it followed Currents arguably the group’s bestselling album, and personally I think they more than delivered. Keeping in trend with their past albums they have huge face-melting synth sounds supported by their tight and rhythmic drum grooves and layered instrumentation, at the same time it is a breath of fresh air as you can hear the progression and growth from the band. The first song I heard on the album was “Is It True” and it did not disappoint, its huge bass sound roped me in and I was hooked. To anyone who hasn’t given it a spin yet I’d highly recommend it and for those of you who have I don’t need to say anymore.

The Strokes (All)

It would be rude not to mention The Strokes for coming out of hibernation with a bang in 2020. The New Abnormal was a great way to start the year off, and it kept us going through all the ups and downs that followed. The first notable track to catch our ears was “Brooklyn Bridge To Chorus”, which reeled us in with the bigger than life synth intro and kept things interesting with Julian’s fourth-wall-breaking lyrics.

Keeping on the synth train “At The Door” was a curveball, it kept on building into a ballad that still maintained an element of simplicity. The large reverb saturated keys really gave the song a strong backbone, and left us wanting more from the first listen.
The whole album is full of bangers, front to back, and that’s why we still give it a spin regularly, almost a year after its release.


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