Exclusive Video Premiere: This Week In The Universe “Ultra Poseable” (2019)

Earlier this year, Sydney’s This Week In The Universe released Tellurian, the band’s sophomore album and the follow-up to their self titled debut. Today, we’re excited to premiere the video clip accompanying the second single from the album: “Ultra Poseable”.

This Week In The Universe is the brainchild of musical brothers Beau and Casey Golden. Between the two of them they have an impressive collective resume, including having worked with Daniel Johns, Ruel and Vera Blue. The project grew out of their mutual love of vintage synths, 80’s film music and synthwave. 

As someone who grew up on Morph and Aardman Animation I couldn’t not jump at the chance to showcase this video. It’s incredibly fun, kitsch and ultimately the perfect accompaniment to the duo’s vintage synth and 80’s inspired sound. It’s also incredibly clear the amount of time and effort that has been put into the creation of this video, with Beau, Casey and their uncle, Adam Barnard taking over 4300 individual image shots as well as constructing over thirty sets. Clearly, this was a labour of love. Here’s what Beau had to say about the process of creating the video:

We started making stop motion videos for our film clips with our debut album in 2017 as we wanted cool 80’s inspired science fiction visuals to fit our music & also something unique for a music video that you don’t see everyday. We made our first video in one day. Two years & several videos later, we’ve gone really deep with Ultra Poseable, building sets for days, lighting for shots for hours, multiple green screens, shooting for over two weeks with anywhere from 16-30 individual frames per second on animation. Stop motion film making is super hard with zero shortcuts along the way but we feel this is our weirdest and best one yet. 

The video for “Ultra Poseable” continues the story that was started in the video for “Frostlicius”, so we recommend you catch up with that one HERE. Otherwise, check out and enjoy the video for “Ultra Poseable” below.

“Ultra Poseable” and Tellurian is available now from HERE. This Week In The Universe will be touring in July and August, with full details still to be confirmed, so keep an eye out for that announcement. Until then you can find them on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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