Exclusive Video Premiere: Steve Smyth “Yours Sincerely” (2020)

Last week Steve Smyth released the second single, “Yours Sincerely” off his forthcoming EP, Blood. This follows on from “Stages” which was released back in February. Steve calls Barcelona home these days, and the song was recorded in live takes in a church. He had the idea of recording Blood in a church, so wandered into one in his neighbourhood and asked the friendly priest. The answer was yes, and he quickly got his musician friends together, a bunch of gear and set about recording in this beautiful space.

“Yours Sincerely” is quintessential Steve Smyth. Heartbreakingly honest, his vocals fill the tall ceilings, soaring with emotion. A brass section, assured and poised, complement respectfully. For those unfamiliar with Steve Smyth, his voice can glide between a Tom Waits growl and a mellifluous Jeff Buckley. Add some sweet guitars and a pocket full of passion, and you get Steve Smyth.

Steve gives us some background to the song.

“Letters from family and lovers grip the hand of those in need of comfort and courage, as handwritten lines transform into the warmth of a mother’s embrace or the devotion in a lover’s longing,”

“’Yours Sincerely’, is a love letter to how communication used to feel, and though written and recorded before our current global calamity, its tone is fatefully poignant.

“Against the current backdrop of global isolation, personal connectivity is our new struggle and battlefield and I want to evoke questions of how we connect and examining the division our modern methods of communication create.”

Steve did have a run of shows scheduled around Australia to coincide with the release of this new material, but it was of course cancelled due to the pandemic. The good news is that Blood is the first of 4 EP’s that Steve is releasing over the next year. Blood is due to be released on the 5th May 2020.

In the meantime, check out this achingly beautiful video for “Yours Sincerely”


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“Your Sincerely” is out now, on Spotify and Apple store

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