Exclusive Video Premiere: Michel van der Aa feat. Kate Miller-Heidke “What A Dream” (2020)

Kate Miller-Heidke

February saw Dutch contemporary classical composer Michel van der Aa release his debut indie-pop album. Time Falling saw the composer collaborating with the ever talented and versatile Australian singer-songwriter Kate Miller-Heidke. Today we’re incredibly excited to bring you the exclusive premiere of the music video for album track “What A Dream”. 

Time Falling is billed as a concept album, exploring the theme of infinity in regard to ‘time’ and ‘space’. van der Aa took inspiration from the work of Jorge Luis Borges, Fernando Pessoa, Federico Garcia Lorca, Emily Dickinson and more. “What A Dream”, for example, uses quotes from the Spanish poet and playwright Federico Garcia Lorca. Here’s what Michel van der Aa had to say about the track and the accompanying music video:

The track “What A Dream” is inspired, and uses quotes from text by Federico García Lorca the Spanish poet, playwright and theatre director. In the song, the main character meets a mysterious girl who doesn’t want her face to be seen. She keeps appearing and disappearing. This is the singer (Kate) who meets herself or a vision of herself.

The video reflects the idea behind the song. We see two visions of Kate, one descending a ladder to an underground world with long hallways, and one who climbs the ladder to an abandoned desert. They both find this mysterious black box through, which they communicate. “

As you can see, the whole thing is visually stunning. It is ambitious and undeniably cinematic in its scope, and perhaps the perfect accompaniment to the single. And it is a single, which is equally stunning, with a sublime vocal performance from Miller-Heidke. van der Aa’s instrumental work and Miller-Heidke’s vocals appear to be the perfect match. Beautiful work!

“What A Dream” is available now. The album Time Falling is available now. Stream or order the album HERE.

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