Exclusive Video Premiere: Marét “Perfectly Imperfect” (2018)

Aussie singer-songwriter and self-described “joyful warrior” Marét has arrived with her irreverent and irresistible brand of pop music. Described by The Eye Creative as “the next significant act in Australia”, we’re excited to premiere the video for Marét’s latest track, the feel-good “Perfectly Imperfect”.

Of the track, Marét says:

“Being imperfect is the one thing we can all nail, so why not embrace it? It’s important to keep focused on striving to be great, but it’s time to accept -and openly celebrate – the struggles and unexpected bumps along the way. With this new track as our anthem, we can do it together.”

‘Anthem’ might just be the word, with “Perfectly Imperfect” boasting a heartfelt message that’s both relatable and relentlessly positive. It’s damn catchy too, with a chorus that will stick in your head long after its three minutes are up. Shake off the overwhelming expectations of the world and spend a moment or two with Marét and “Perfectly Imperfect”. Catch the exclusive video premiere below!

“Perfectly Imperfect” is the second single from Marét, and is out now. You can find out more about the artist on her official website.