Exclusive Video Premiere: KIT “King Size Bed” (2020)

We’ve been totally hooked on the tune “King Size Bed” which KIT dropped last month. Today we have the exclusive first look at the video for this enchanting song. In case you missed it, KIT is the solo-project for Katie Wighton (All Our Exes Live In Texas) and this is just her second single under the ‘KIT’ moniker.

Wighton is bunkered down in Melbourne, so like many Victorians, it’s difficult to put together videos, as well as just about anything else which requires you to leave the house. A start had been made on the video, with photographer wizard Rick Clifford (RC Stills), however Wighton was resigned to the thought that it might not be completed.

On the day of release of the single, KIT organised an online ‘King Size Bed’ pub party, with friends and fans joining in for a pub-themed extravaganza. Fortunately this was recorded, and footage of this was spliced into what was already in the can.

“The clip didn’t go the way we’d planned it at all but in a way, I’m glad. It was such a magical experience to share with my pals on the day ‘KSB’ came out. And now the accompanying clip captures that wonderful moment. With nights like that to pepper my memories of ISO I have a feeling that eventually it won’t seem all that bad after all.” said KIT

The result is what follows. The feel-good vibe of the song neatly complements the video.  Check it out.

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