Exclusive Video Premiere: Angus Legg “Drugs With My Friends” (2024)

Earlier this month, Melbourne’s Angus Legg released the poignant and moving “Drugs With My Friends,” a song inspired by the need to move on from past relationships and heartbreak. Today, we’re thrilled to premiere the video, which brilliantly captures the emotion of the track.

Angus has packed in some sweet guitars, catchy lyrics and vocals that effortlessly build into a rousing anthem. Moving on isn’t always easy, but the outcome can be uplifting and rewarding.

If you’re an expat Australian at the moment (as I am), then this  video should come with a warning. It’s likely to make you extremely homesick. Summer by the seaside, spending time with dear friends, and seeing the beauty in these friendships, this video has it in spades.

Angus gives us some insight into how it came about:  “My friends and I had a couple of pals here from London, so we took two weeks off and played tour guide for them. From beaches to dinners and nights out to movie nights, we covered it all. We decided we’d just film the whole lot, and that would be the footage for the ‘Drugs With My Friends’ film clip. Everytime I see the video it is heart wrenchingly nostalgic and stunningly beautiful. It was one of the best two weeks of my life, I learnt how to be myself again, and it was all documented.”

“Drugs With My Friends” was mixed by Dylan Nash (Dean Lewis, Gretta Ray, Kita Alexander, Meg Mac) and mastered by Joe Carra of Crystal Mastering.



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