Exclusive Video Premiere: Hayden Calnin “As I Exit Parts I & II” (2020)

The multi-talented singer/songwriter/producer Hayden Calnin released his latest EP, Soon Forever last month. It’s a collection of four tracks, each lush and atmospheric soundscapes. Today we have the exclusive video premiere for the final track on the EP, the epic “As I Exit Parts I & II”. This track is unusual and worthy for its evocative use of the baritone guitar during the first half of the track, laying the emotional groundwork, before handing over to some sweet piano for the latter half.

The video was directed and choreographed by Lukas McFarlane, an award-winning Canadian dancer and choreographer, who is based in the UK. He brings those skills to the clip, performing along with Megan Barkham. He also choreographed and featured in Hayden’s video for “Cut Love”. Kyle Richardson was head of cinematography and edited the clip.

As you would expect, it’s beautifully shot, and the dancing complements the tone and emotion of the song skillfully. There’s some neat drone footage as well.

Hayden shared with the AU, the background to working with Lukas on this video:
“Collaborating with Lukas on anything is always the best feeling. We have such a strong artistic connection and although we live on opposite sides of the globe, we jump at any opportunity to work together. This was one of those times. Last time Lukas was in Australia, he came up on stage to dance to me playing ‘As I Exit Parts I & II’ live at a gig. I think we both knew at that point in time we would have to collaborate on a video when the song was released. I’m glad we made it happen.”

Enjoy the patient, atmospheric and beautiful clip and song “As I Exit Parts I & II”

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Photo Credit: Emma McEvoy

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