Exclusive Video Premiere: EDIE “Cool Girl” (2024)


Perth/Boorloo artist EDIE cuts through gendered expectations in her most recent incisive track, “Cool Girl” which is due to drop this Friday. We’re thrilled today to be premiering the video for a song which is a brilliant take on conforming to certain stereotypes, past and present.

We first landed upon EDIE early in 2023 with her pop-rock banger “Front Row”, and she has continued to deliver ever since, with most recent singles being “Villain” and “Lie to Me”.

EDIE totally bosses it in “Cool Girl”. It’s sharp and cutting, visceral and uplifting. It’s got some early PJ Harvey vibes, with rockin’ grunge guitars and powerhouse vocals. The emotion and frustration at judgements and expectations from men wishing their girlfriend to be the ‘cool girl’ seep through its pores. I love the honesty and EDIE’s ability to see through the bullshit. There’s no doubt that this one is going to be a fan favourite.

EDIE gives us her take on what the  ‘Cool Girl’ phenomenon is, “From my experience in the dating world – men desire someone “chill” (which really means excuse everything they do and be okay with it). I wanted to show my frustration and anger towards this idea!” 

The video is creative and fun. It features EDIE as the ‘cool girl’ over the ages. It leans back into mediaeval times; there’s a Regency-era debutante, a TV-perfect housewife, and finally, at the end of the video, EDIE herself. The director, cinematographer, producer and editor was the talented Stephanie Senior.


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Header image credit: Stephanie Senior

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