Exclusive Video Premiere: Damien Binder “Bright Side” (2023)

Raised in New Zealand, but now based in Perth, singer/songwriter Damien Binder has been teasing out singles from his forthcoming fifth solo album, Bright Side. We’re thrilled today to be premiering the video clip for the title-track, which features a drive on the open road replete with challenging conditions,  mirroring the twists and turns of the track.

Of the song, Damien writes: “‘Bright Side’ is the title track off the forthcoming album and kicks off with a wide open road feel – big driving bass & drums with some bell-like guitars,

Thematically it runs through rage, resentment and imagines someone trying to maintain tranquility, who’s putting on a brave face while privately just barely holding it together – You know, living in the modern world and all that!”

“It’s kind of a different approach from me in some ways in that I’m inhabiting a couple of different characters’ viewpoints in the song and I love a good minor to major shift too!”

In the video, our protaganist behind the wheel encounters a similiar hazardous path. Venturing into a futuristic feel at times, it’s anything but a straightforward journey. It may be a drive on the wild side, however a constant is the warmth of Damien’s vocals, guitars that glisten and sparkling production. The lyrics paint a vivid emotive picture. The heady atmosphere and elegance in the soundscape  coupled with the challenges faced is a beguiling combination.

The album was produced by Matt Gio (Katy Steele, Birds of Tokyo, Abbe May, Rudimental). They have clearly worked closely together in the creation of Bright Side, with Damien stating  “We’ve struck up a strong creative bond. I’ve definitely learned to be less precious.”

The clip was directed by New Zealand/Aotearoa film maker Jonathan King (Black Sheep, Under The Mountain).  The album Bright Side will be released on the 21st April 2023.



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