Exclusive Video Premiere: Baby Bulldog “Rodney” (2020)

Baby Bulldog, aka Steph Barker, is an LA resident and a whirlwind on the drums and vocals. Her latest release is an ode to her car, “Rodney”, and we are thrilled today to have the video premiere for this affectionate homage.

As is often the case, the ownership of a car can signpost a significant moment in one’s life, and this is certainly what has happened with Rodney, her PT Cruiser. Baby’s relationship had ended, she was paying the rent for two people, and she was without a car in a city in which your own wheels is pretty much a must, especially for a drummer. A friend called to say that they knew a professor who had a PT Cruiser for sale for $250.

Baby handed over the cash for a car with “fading paint on the hood, a fucked up grill and a huge rusting dent on the driver’s side bumper… A new life as a single owner of a silver PT Cruiser had begun. “…I was in love,” she exclaimed.

Ownership of Rodney provided much solace at a time when she was feeling pretty low. “Rodney is my car, and he is a god damn hero. In all seriousness though, this car was the saving grace in maybe one of the worst moments of my life…”,

As you would expect the track is a driving anthem, a bit of surf-rock and a little bit of punk, full of sass and some killer drums. Rodney features front and centre in this fun video.

“Rodney” is the title track of the EP by Baby Bulldog which is out now. You can listen to it in full HERE

You can follow Baby Bulldog on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, her Website, Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube

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