Exclusive Single Premiere: The Violet Stones “Power Hungry” (2020)

Sydney-based alt-grunge band, The Violet Stones, are about to drop their latest single, “Power Hungry”, ahead of their sophomore album, PIN. We are excited today to have the premiere of “Power Hungry” with it’s accompanying video. The video and song touch on the issue of gun laws in the U.S.A., and how this can give a false sense of security.

The video is a pastiche based on a 70’s-style family-based sitcom. An ordinary family perhaps, but with a dark secret.

On lead vocals for Violet Stones is Sarah Jane Curran, who has made her mark with her Youtube channel.  Completing the trio is Neil Johnson on bass and Jarrod Mazzacca on lead guitar.  Lovers of 90’s Seattle grunge are going to love The Violet Stones. It’s not a blind reproduction of that sound though, they’ve added their own twist, with some blues, roots, some funky bass and heavy metal elements to what is an urgent gripping sound. Fans of Tired Lion and Waax should feel quite at home listening to The Violet Stones.

Turn it up loud, and give “Power Hungry” a listen before it is released on all digital platforms on Friday, 6th November 2020.

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Bruce Baker

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