Exclusive Single Premiere: The Great Emu War Casualties “I’m A Yes Man” (2021)

The Great Emu War Casualties

The Great Emu War Casualties are about to drop their latest single, “I’m A Yes Man” off their forthcoming EP, Vanity Project, and we are stoked to be premiering it on the AU today. The enigmatic trio released 10 new tracks in 2020, with their previous release “Flies In my Eyes” being the first taster off their soon to be released EP.

This is a track with many chapters in it, each craftily assembled and woven together with finesse. From searing guitars which open proceedings to bouncy keys and funky beats, captivating harmonies which build and pulsate to the percussive finale, “I’m A Yes Man” is a hell of a tune.

The band formed in Liverpool in the UK, where bassist Saskia Clapton met frontman Joe Jackson. They relocated to Australia, and Bibek Tamang completes the trio on percussion.

Lead-singer, Joe Jackson says of “I’m A Yes Man” “It’s not about anything particularly tangible and it can (and should) be interpreted in whatever way you relate to it. I would say it’s about malaise, it’s about not feeling quite there, being disillusioned and restless. It’s basically about navigating adulthood in the 21st century – but pretty much all our songs are about that!”

The track was mixed and produced by Alex Newport (Death Cab For Cutie, Bloc Party, The Mars Volta). Their EP, Vanity Project will be released on Friday, February 26.

“I’m A Yes Man” will be released on Friday, 29th January 2020. In the meantime, give it a spin here and enjoy the beauty of this glistening summer tune.


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