Exclusive Single Premiere: Strangely Enough “Long Time Coming” (2020)

Today we are showcasing the third single, “Long Time Coming” from Melbourne’s Strangely Enough. This is to be the first single of the band’s debut EP, due to be released in coming months.  It follows on from earlier releases “Change” and “Graceville”. The song starts with some elegant keys and caressing vocals. It doesn’t take long before layers of funky bass, electronica and iridescent guitars glisten with his gorgeous vocals soaring over the top.

The leading force behind the band is multi-instrumentalist and studio engineer Greg Olley.  Olley explains the meaning behind the song:
“‘Long Time Coming’ is about how we define ourselves with a series of snapshots of our lives. A graduation, a wedding, a holiday; this is sometimes how we construct an idea of who we are or used to be. Sometimes though these snapshots hide that we are constantly on the move, passing on to something else and yet still the same person.”

Take a listen to it here first, prior to its release on all digital platforms tomorrow, 27th March 2020.


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Bruce Baker

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